Depression, Charlie Brown, and a Child’s Insight (In 150 words or less)

Two days ago, someone in my circle of friends took his own life. I was contemplating this as I ran errands with my son. I was lost in thought as I drove, and a little voice popped up from the back seat.

“I love you and I love myself.” said my eight year old.

“I love you too. I’m glad you love yourself. That is very important.”

“I don’t think that Charlie Brown loves himself. He is always saying that no one likes him.”

“Why, do you think that he believes no one likes him?” I asked.

“They never tell him.”

My son didn’t speak until he was over the age of three. Sometime I wonder if it only took that long because he was figuring out the perfect thing to say. Always tell them. Even if it isn’t as simple as that, always tell them.

If you need someone to listen…. The Suicide Prevention Hotline is there to help.


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