Kid Hilariously Schools Mother on Morals, Empathy, and Bacon

“So, what is the moral of the story?” Every teacher asks that question. They are looking for a particular answer. Their answer.  A lot of kids can spew forth the obvious response. Now, everyone clap for the well-adjusted children. Does this mean we as the parents of spectrum kiddos need to start freaking out because our kid may not get it? They must have no grasp of empathy or morals, right? (I’m rolling my eyes right now.) If you have ever worried about this, let me tell you the following story about two pigs and a spider. TWO pigs, you ask? Wait for it…

Youngling: “We took our test on Charlotte’s Web and there weren’t any questions about Uncle.”

Me: “Uncle Homer? He is just kind of a supporting character.”

Youngling: “No. Uncle, the pig. He wins first prize, but not a medal. No one tries to save him. I want to know what happens to him when he goes home. Does he go to the smokehouse?”

Me: “I don’t think the book or movie mentions it, but probably.”

Youngling: “He must have bragged a lot.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Youngling: “Everyone wanted to save Wilbur because he was humble. Humble means you don’t brag. No one tried to save Uncle, so he must have been a bragger.”

Me: “So, the moral of the story is…”

Youngling: “You brag too much, you get turned into bacon. Poor Uncle.”

And THAT is how you drop a mic.


RIP Uncle

*no pigs were harmed in the typing of this blog post

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